Lufthansa City Center Grupa Polska supports the Pajacyk programme of the Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Organisation). Part of the profit generated by sales of air tickets is donated to the Pajacyk programme offering extra meals to school children
Business travel
Professionals help to achieve success in business

Technology and experience The Lufthansa City Center brand already points to requirements expected from us, relating to the level, quality and reliability of our services. In line with requirements of our customers, we may provide the level of service that is to be expected from professional partner. starting from preparations to activities undertaken during travel and after its completion. In particular, Business Plus Lufthansa City Center agencies specialise at meeting the needs and requirements of employees travelling on company business. Corporate customer travelling abroad may find Business Plus Lufthansa City Center in any major European city.

International network of services related to business travel is supported by strategic cooperation with Navigant Int., the second largest company involved in optimization and implementation of business travel in the United States and Canada, as well as SAA CC, the third largest network of tourist agencies in South Africa. High quality of services rendered by our partners is guaranteed by continuous training programmes and efficient quality management (TQM).
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