Lufthansa City Center Grupa Polska supports the Pajacyk programme of the Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Organisation). Part of the profit generated by sales of air tickets is donated to the Pajacyk programme offering extra meals to school children
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What we are?

Lufthansa City Center (LCC) Travel Consultants Poland was established in 2011, as a result of the transformation of existing since 1999, Lufthansa City Center Group Poland. It is a part of international network of travel agencies rendering specialist services to corporations, in the field of business travel and cost optimization. All LCC agencies are IATA agents. The LCC Group Poland is an association of 22 agencies acting within the framework of marketing and commercial agreement. All agencies are autonomous and function as independent economic entities. They hold franchise licenses granting them flexibility, competence and independence. All entities are Polish-owned. LCC agencies render top level services in the field of travel planning and organization, from booking and selling air, train and ferry tickets, booking hotel accommodation both in Poland and abroad, selling package tours, insurance policies, to organizing conferences, meetings, trainings and congresses.

Lufthansa City Center network Global technology on the local market

Lufthansa City Center International is one of the largest international networks of travel agencies, headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, represented in 80 countries by over 600 agencies. Franchising Lufthansa City Center is an association of travel agencies acting under the umbrella of Lufthansa, combining flexibility and competence with economic independence. Lufthansa City Center, established in 1991, is one of the fastest growing chains of European travel agencies, ever gaining in importance in view of the increasing globalisation and market concentration. The cooperation is aimed at combining the best elements, i.e. providing customers with globally available services that have been locally prepared. In this way, the customers experience the double feeling of comfort: travel arrangements are worked out for them by experts on the local market, who may order travel-related services at any place in the world. Global Plus – the standard product and service offer for corporate clients – was designed with the aim to present attractive offers. At international level, uniform character of already existing products and services for corporate customers is gradually reached . Global Plus includes: MIS Reporting programme, combined hotel programme, introduction of uniform and common quality standards at global level and 24-hour access to Lufthansa City Center consultants. All the above elements guarantee both constant and high level of service in any place of the world.
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